Why Us

Our history is well simple and straight forward, working as main contractors on general building construction industry, one of new project was a basement construction on a piles, then after few researches we did appoint one of piling farm who in our opinion will suit our requirement.
When all ground works, piles, basement shell was already build, good bonded relation between both companies became official and we decided to get together as one independent company who can build full structure and finish all build off without using separate contractors, for a foundations, piling, landscaping etc.
Our knowledge regarding general build construction same as deep foundations and basement construction given us one step ahead. Even if You need piling works only we still seeing all construction stages of work step by step, so things like FFL, SSL etc can be spotted, adjusted same as existing drainage, services etc, while we visiting your site. Our best acknowledgement can be handy for you on a next progress movements while you making your construction alive.

Any problem what particular piling project step against, we are trying to solve straight away, rather stay around and waiting for decisions. We can admit, fair bit of potential problems of piling works can be sort out by us while we still working on construction site.
Time is money so from a day one we are here to try save every client penny is possible.
We want to make sure every single new client who use our service can without any doubt call us again for a next project.
We are not using subcontractors, we are small firm and we don’t want to be big, so we not running more then 2-3 projects on a same time. You can expect too see our management team and even director on a site for a meetings or just simple popping in to see how our team getting along.

  • All our operators and manual workers have valid CPCS cards.
  • Our pile/foundation design engineering team have valid Professional Indemnity insurance.

Well is about to be it. Want to see few project already done or in progress? Click here : See our Works