What we doing

Be more than welcome to have look and take bit of study regarding deep foundations.
WS-Piling Ltd coming across with full range of pile solution where soils conditions or landscape nature requiring grounds to be piled. Starting from small garden extensions and fishing off working for developers at major new build projects, we proudly stepping ahead providing well good, professional piling contracting for our ordinary clients and also for new potential customers.

Piled raft slabs, or Reinforcement ground beams, what became be part of pile foundations can be install by us as well as part of full structure engineer design. We can provide full service starting from site visit, submitting full calculation for a piles and design for your new foundations powered up by 12 years guarantee and Insurance Backed Guarantee for piling and foundation works if required.

If need:

  • Piling Contractor around London and UK.
  • Deep Foundation Contractor.
  • Civil Engineer Contractor.
  • Basement Construction Contractor.

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