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Our fleet
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Our fleet

WS Piling offering a full range of piling equipment to suite required specification for a particular project.

Starting from K40 mini piling rig what can be shift trough standard size house door, to 15 Tonne TD45 Rig what can drill in rotary mode 600mm in diameter piles and CFA mode 600mm diameter piles nominal pile depth 11m-20m

Please find below quick specification of rigs ready for Your project.

K40 Mini/Micro Piles rig

Rotary Head (JT200 Series)

Max Torque 13,000 Nm

Max Speed 175 rpm

Dimensions & Weight

Height (Drilling Position) 2.2 m

Height (Transport Position) 1.6 m

Length (Drilling Position) 2.1 m Mast Stroke 1.4 m

Width 720 mm

Weight (rig only) 1,500 kg

Track Adjustable Width 7201,000mm

Track Length 1,430 mm

Pile specification:

From:150mm micro piles up to 15m in depth

Up to :350mm mini piles up to 12m in depth


PREMODRILL D1200 Bottom driven Piling Rig (Drop Hummer Rig)


Type Hatz 2L41C

Power @ 2500rpm 33Hp

Fuel Tank 48l

Hydraulic Oil Tank 94l

Noise Level 71dBA


Type Hinowa PT25

Track Width (Closed) 780mm Medium Size Door Access

Track Width (Open) 1240mm

Track Length 1800mm

Speed 2.4km/h



Mainline Winch

Type Pullmaster PL5

Rope Capacity 30m @ 12mm

Hammer Capacity 1200kg Max.

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Standard Features

3 Hydraulic Pumps

Telescopic Mast

Expandable Rubber Tracks

Remote Control

Manual and Hydraulic Mast Extension

External Oil Cleaner

Working Lights

Safety Features

Pile specification:

From:75mm micro bottom driven piles up to 20m in depth

Up to :323mm bottom driven piles up to 12m in depth

Range from 70kN – 350kN SWL

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The crawler with telescopic extension, 780 – 1200 mm

4 hydraulic levelling cylinders


Mast height 4190 mm

crowd force 40 KN

Retraction force 80 KN

Stroke 2250 mm

2 gear levels

1. gear 10000 Nm – 22 U/min (rpm)

2. gear 5000 Nm – 44 U/min (rpm)

Swivel bore Ø 100 mm

Hydraulic casing clamp

max. Casing-Ø 508 mm


Hydraulic winch

Line pull 500 Kg

Weight 4000 kg

Transport dimensions

Length/Width/Heigth 4200 x 970 x 2634 mm


Deutz TCD 3.6 L4 Tier 4 Final 74,4 KW/ 101 PS (HP)

Emission standard EU IV/ US EPA Tier 4

Weight :2200 kg

Transport dimensions:

Length/Width/Heigth 4462 x 1942 x 2166 mm

Pile specification:

From:150mm micro piles up to 20m in depth

Up to :450mm mini piles up to 15m in depthTD45 CFA RIG

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fresh new rig ready for your project!

The TD 45 is mounted on a EUROCOMACH ESP100 base machine. The tracks

are fixed with a width of 2320mm, and a length is 2879mm with a shoe width of

450mm. The ground pressure of the machine is 0.6 kg/cm2, the travel speed ranges

is between 0 to 3.2 km/h.

Base Machine: EUROCOMACH ESP 100


Power: 46.3 kW @ 2200 r.p.m.

Hydraulic Circuit: 1 Axial piston pump 84 cm3 @ 290 bar

1 Gear Pump 9 cm3 @ 200 bar

Electro-hydraulic distributors

Hydraulic oil tank capacity 90 l

Diesel tank capacity 105 l

Noise Level LpA 74 dB (A)

LwA 99 dB (A)

Engine Conforms: Tier 4 Final

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The machine can be transported fully mounted (kelly included) with a maximum

height of 2870 mm simply by tilting the mast backwards.

The total weight for transport is 15.000 kg including standard Kelly bar.

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Mast High Including Kelly bar in drilling mode: 11.5m

Pile specification:

From:250mm micro piles up to 25m in depth

Up to :450mm  piles up to 25m in depth ROTARY MODE,CFA MODE 11m then in SFA mode extra 9m total 20m in depth.