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Deep foundation piling in London is reserved for structures which put heavy loads on the earth under it. This requires the piling contractors in London to put the cylindrical poles very deep into the earth. This deep foundation is often made from prestressed concrete or reinforced concrete. Sometimes they’re made from steel or timber too, depending on the specifications of the structure.

There is a specific method needed to perform deep foundation piling in London. It will require you to hire the right piling contractors who know how to do the job. In this case, you will need to hire CFA piling contractors in London. Most standard piling companies in London will have qualified contractors to handle this kind of deep foundation job. Just be sure to request CFA piling contractors London, piling if your building site requires a deep foundation.

CFA stands for “continuous flight augering.” This is the technique that piling contractors use to develop a deep concrete foundation. They use a special CFA piling contractors London drill to dig a hole in the earth. As the auger gets removed from the hole, the contractors will inject concrete through a pressurized hollow shaft. Once the auger is finally out of the hole, they insert reinforcement to prevent an open hole as a continuous pile is created.

Since the year 1966, CFA piling has been actively performed on the foundations of buildings all throughout the United Kingdom. It continues to be used today and has even been introduced to the United States. For Londoners, they’ve already had over 50 years to get used to this method of piling. Any reputable pile foundation construction company in London will have a continuous flight auger readily available to be used on the job.

Of course, if you don’t want concrete in your deep foundation, then CFA piling will not work for you. CFA piling requires the use of concrete to fill the excavated hole. If you are using steel or some other material, then you will need to go with a different piling method. Do not worry because the piling contractors that you hire will be able to determine which piling method is best for the foundation and building that you need to be done.

One reputable pile foundation construction company that you could try is WS-Piling. They have a superb reputation around London for piling and deep foundation jobs that they do throughout the city. If you need an honest and professional team of pile workers, then you should give them a call today.